YO ZEN’s jewelry is assembled by hand at our at studio Oulu, Finland. Every part is checked carefully before sending to customer. The jewelry is packed in a recyclable cardboard box where it is kept safe during transport.

For us it is important to collaborate with Finnish companies whenever possible. For example our veneers and laser cut parts come from local companies. We want to create new jobs in Finland, keep the transportation in its minimum and work with local-area companies.

The main materials of our jewelry are different kinds of veneers and acrylic (PMMA). Acryl, being a thermoplastic, is recyclable and, when burned in an appropriate waste plant, it will return to water and carbon dioxide. Also the veneers can be recycled or incinerated.

YO ZEN’s design philosophy comprehends the longevity of a product. We want to work with durable materials that don’t wear in use. Our aim is to design timeless pieces that can easily be kept for years and after use be recycled to the next user. We do not favor disposable culture, but hope that the jewelry is so valued and sought after, that it is taken good care of.




YO ZEN’s clothes are designed in Finland and made in Portugal. The factory is owned by a Finnish family-run Black Moda Ltd. Their factory in northern Portugal called Cottonhouse Lds. is the birthplace of YO ZEN’s tricot clothes. Black Moda is known for their great quality in clothes and materials as well as their interest in the ecological and ethical aspects of the whole process. With a partner like this it is easy for us to guarantee the quality of the final product. It is important for us that our partner factory is located within a reasonable distance inside the European Union. The legislation of the EU defines that, for instance, the human rights and the salaries are dictated by law. We also want to do our part in creating jobs within Finland and favor Finnish partners whenever possible.

As the main materials for our products we choose natural materials that, unlike synthetic fabrics, do not contain tiny fibers that are spread into the ecosystem. At this moment our products are made of organic cotton that has been grown without artificial fertilizers or chemical pesticides.

Wanted and high-quality clothes are more likely to be taken good care of and garments are less likely to be thrown away. We prefer quality over quantity. We also dislike the accelerating cycle of fashion that forces the brands to create collections four times a year and sell the former models quickly in order to make room for new garments. Our aim is to design and create clothes according to demand and need. That is why we are making pre-order possible even in the beginning of our journey.

YO ZEN’s philosophy is, and has been from the beginning, to create products that are so carefully designed and beautiful that they are taken good care of – washed and worn, and after use recycled for the next wonderful user.


-Paula and Kate