The collection released in the fall of 2013, called Shaman, has drawn its inspiration from the religious cultures of the northern parts of the globe. Shamanism consists of supernatural powers, healing and divination. It is found all over the northern parts of the world, all the way from Japan to Scandinavia. In Northern America shamanism is intertwined with the habits of the Indians, and in Greenland the customs of the Eskimos. Spiritual rituals are an essential part of these cultures. Some of the symbols that are found modernized in this collection can also be found on the shaman drums, which are originally built as a means to achieve a trance or a meditative state.

From this mythology arises YO ZEN”s collection Shaman. The ideology has been creatively modified. The mythological symbols of the shaman drums, beavers, reindeers, foxes, feathers, dwellings, and even death are modernized into a graphic pattern. The theme has been treated with respect, but also with a certain sense of humor and a blend of different kind of cultures has been added.

The editorial photos are shot by the remarkable Harri Rauhanummi.