The Origami line is inspired by the Japanese origami art. The ancient art form has been treated with respect but using modern materials and technologies in the production of the jewelry. Three motifs swan, paku paku and fune each have a special meaning.

In an ancient Japanese legend, the origami swan is considered as a means to make a wish, such as long life or recovery from illness or injury. It is also a symbol of honor and loyalty. In western world the swan symbolizes union, bond and partnership.

Paku Paku is a fun origami game. We all remember how we wrote the names of our crushes on the quarters of this carefully folded paper. “Who will give me a kiss? Who will be my first boyfriend?” Why wouldn’t we play the game as grown-ups again?

Fune i.e. boat in japanese symbolizes journey through life. It also can be connected with traveling. A paper boat is a tiny object in an almost incomprehensible world and compares to the aspect of human vs. nature. A boat can also be seen as a haven and a home.

The photo material is shot by photographer Niko Raappana.