Black Swan

In Autumn 2012, YO ZEN released a new addition into their firstborn collection. The swan from the Origami line, released earlier, was pure and white. The Black Swan, presented now, complements the collection with its dark and unexpectable essence. The Black Swan is presented as pendants, rings, brooches and earrings. As the researcher Nassim Nicholas Taleb puts it, concept black swan is a highly unlikely event that has three characteristic qualities: it is not predictable, it has a huge impact and we always can make up an explanation why it appears to be less random and more predictable that it actually is.

The variation in glossiness brings depth to the all-black pieces. In addition to the entirely black jewelry in the collection, there are pieces where black acrylic is combined with walnut wood.

The story of the black swan comes to life in the magnificent editorial pictures of Harri Rauhanummi. In the photos a beautiful swan rises from water to an island hoping to find her lost companion. Works of Harri Rauhanummi have been on display internationally e.g. in Italian Photo Vogue.